Anonymous asked:

You're a fucking idiot. Like a retweet contest means anything. Seriously just give up you stupid bitch! Your ship is not happening and if you can't accept that Regina/Emma is a friendship relationship then get the fuck out. Because your delusional romance doesn't exist in the shows canon. You just continue to show how desperate your fandom truly is and it's hilarious because OQ and CS are Endgame we don't need your lesbian shit

1.- I can not expect anything less from CS/OQ fandom, the hate the adjectives, and cowardliness because you need to disguise your face (account) with the anonymous

2. That RT and Favs prove that Swan Queen is a big fandom, soooo big

3.- Well about my ship if is or not cannon is the A&E decision ,and I have not lost hope, we have all time in the world

4.- I can understend that all of you are frightened about our ship because the concept in Swan Queen is (not break up families, Henry’s happiness, Henry’s moms, true love don’t see genres just feelings and more…) and for this motive you need to send campaigns against us.

5.- From your perspective, Dear Coward,  when you told me HILARIOUS you tried to said me: I’M DIED OF FEAR BECAUSE MY SHIPS ARE NOT SO GREAT

You can not see that all about “hate messages for JMo” is only a rumor, one or two twitts but not more

That rumor were initiated for other group (you know how is), with an unique purpose (mortify to the fans -SQ-).

And you can see that many posts about “Stop the hate” enmascaring with all tags of OUAT ships is for the same group that commented about this supposed hate, not fall into the trap