September 01 2014
What happened ? I check our tag and the only thing CS/OQ I saw was a gifset for one of the best SQ fanfic that happened to start with Regina living with Robin and Emma dating Hook.

I know, I know…. yes, all iniciated yesterday because in the Promo for S4 are Swan Queen interaction and all our fans are happy posting things about: we are endgame and gifs etc etc…. and that triggered a many accounts (30 or more) pro CS / OQ tagging in Swan Queen, even many of them calling to the people that they are SQbrotp…. 

All is terrible, and painess because I love Swan Queen OTP… you know (fall in love, family and more love)

September 01 2014
TAGS INSTRUCTIONS (for a harmonious life between ships)

Swan Queen - Emma and Regina fall in love

Swen - (Swan Queen abbreviation)

Sq OTP - Emma and Regina CANNON

Sq Brotp - Emma and Regina only Friends

Anti Swan Queen - If you don’t like the ship (criticisms, complaints, insults here)

Please don’t use other tag, see the instruction and you respect to all fans

August 25 2014
Please, 3, 12, 13 and 25
— Anonymous

3.- What’s your current OTP?
I have many but the principal is:
Swan Queen - I love the story between them, Regina and Emma share a son, she is the savior and The Evil Queen needs to be saved. Regina’s forbidden fruit and Emma eats that… imagine if a day They are cannon, two strong woman fall in love, with many difficulties on the way and struggling for them family with a baby magic in the future

12.- Have you ever been disappointed when your ship finally got together?
Yes, Bones, when Booth and Brennan finally get together were without a kiss, sexy moment, big happy smile, something.. existed a little hug and the confirmation about the union: Brennan said (with expressions not dialogs) to Angela that she had sex with Seely, and weeks late she was pregnant

13.- Has a ship ever broken your heart?
Oh yes, Bering and Wells, the couple were great, Jaime and Joanne were the best captains for us; but my ship never got to be OTP for the producer’s decision

25.- Have you ever shipped a pairing before you even started watching the show/movie simply because of gifs and graphics or similar?
Yes, Orange is the new Black, more specific VAUSEMAN (Alex Vause and Piper Chapman), In Tumblr all people were posting about this Tv Show, and I remember the gifs set that said “Lesbian Activity” with Alex and Piper dancing. I tell, Okkkk… I need to see all interaction between them

Thanks for reading

August 23 2014

Why everything actually is about Swan Queen


(That’s a tongue-in-cheek title, inspired by haters who like to pretend that we’re somehow the worst for pointing out things that are relevant to our ship. The funny thing is, in sarcastically saying that everything on the show is about Swan Queen, I’ve realized everything actually kind of is. Or, at least, much much more than those people would ever like to admit. So, I’d like to thank the haters, as well as food-for-the-worms for the inspiration, and thisfreemind for dealing with my frantic, probably incoherent, curse-laden gibberish. Anyway, let’s get on with it. I’ve made some pretty heavy claims and it’s time to own up. I hope I don’t disappoint, but whether I’ve unearthed something worth serious consideration or only marginally interesting is entirely up to you to decide.)

It all started with a brilliant message from food-for-the-worms, pointing out a very cool, very big parallel we had all missed. I was asked to make a post about it and the more I thought about it, the deeper it dragged me into the core of this show, and some of its biggest unknowns so far.

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